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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. extreme heat doesn't even begin to describe the sauna we are feeling tonight. the air is so heavy, so thick it literally takes your breath away and it is proving to be downright deadly. thanks for joining us at 10:00.
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i'm laura evans in tonight for brian. >> i'm shawn yancy. i'm live in northwest tonight where it is sweltering outside. we brought out our thermometer about an hour ago to get a read on the temperature here outside of our studios. at 10:00 tonight it is 87 degrees. i believe it's 89 degrees at national airport right now and the worst of this is still to come. excessive heat warnings are in effect right now from kansas to massachusetts. so far 22 people have died. on tuesday you mayment nearly 1,000 -- may remember nearly 1,000 high temperature records have been broken or tied this month. just two days later that number has now soared to nearly 1,300. this excessive heat is just taking the country by storm. sue palka joins us now to kick off our heat coverage. this is just incredible. it's almost 90 degrees at 10:00 at night. >> shawn, it feels like 108 degrees. that is the big part of this story, that humidity that is so incredible. now we are entering primetime. what we had before was the warm- up to what is going to be the
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real excessive heat and that gets going around our area tomorrow even hotter than today. 99 degrees at dulles, didn't break any records, but the records are real old am now we have an excessive heat -- old. now we have an excessive heat warning. let me show you the graphic. not only was that excessive heat warning expanded till 10:00 tonight, but it's in effect tomorrow and for saturday. we are looking at three more days of very high temperatures. check out some of the temperatures around the region. it's still 89 degrees we mentioned, most everybody still in the 80s. this is that cumulative effect we were talking about where the temperature just keeps getting warmer because we aren't cooling off at night. it's certainly here in the city with the pavement and concrete and the bricks retain that heat, but it's the heat index and humidity that's off the charts. this is where we're starting to see dew points close to 80 degrees. that is a very rare thing for d.c. we definitely will get
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some very humid days. we get dew points of what are more typical of what you might see in new orleans. it's very uncomfortable. we are beginning our primetime and we've got gary standing by in the weather center because this heatwave was so big it needs both of us to handle it. we've been calling this the heat dome and there's a very good reason for that. >> that's exactly right. also i want to expand on that heat index a little bit. it's not so much the relative humidity. that kind of shifts back and forth. when we're looking at something like that, we'll talk about the dew point and i'll show you what that means basically. the higher the dew point, the more oppressive it is and just so you know, the dew point has been hovering in the upper 70s this evening. so that definitely makes it feel oppressive, especially when the temperature is up over 80, 85 degrees or so. dew point between 70 and 74 is uncomfortable and drier than that, it's a little better and certainly with the dew point between 60 and 64 degrees it's not too bad, but tomorrow it
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will be oppressive. the dew point will hover right around 75 degrees, maybe a little less than that all day long. now look, hot stuff, no doubt about it, but we know relief is coming. we have this heat dome sitting on top of us, but believe it or not, the thinking here is if the heat dome will shift back to the west a little bit, not until probably sunday. so that's going to bring us a little bit. i just mean a little bit of relief as we start getting into the latter part of the weekend and hopefully into next week, but a couple more days. sue, back out to you, of this real, real bad high heat, high humidity. >> reporter: we spent some time in dupont circle earlier today and people were dragging quite a bit. we had a doctor on earlier and he said we should only spend about 10 minutes in a big heatwave like this. >> reporter: stay hydrated and stay in the ac if you can. meantime this extreme heat is causing problems for just
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about everyone out there. it's making some people sick and getting other people stuck. fox 5's roz plater was out tonight with emergency crews to see how they are dealing with this. >> reporter: they've got their hands full, call volume up over 25%. as the temperatures go higher, the calls will likely multiply because the effects of this heat tend to build up over time. 96 degrees, 6:00 in the evening and the calls just keep coming. seven in a row, no air conditioning in sight. this time rescue squad 2 is on its way to dupont circle for one of the most frequent calls for help in this kind of heat. >> elevator rescues, yeah. the elevator overheat. they get very hot and we'll run quite a few of those. >> my boyfriend is stuck in the elevator. he's stranded unfortunately. it's a tiny little elevator.
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>> reporter: it's off the truck, carrying the heavy gear up the steps and the real work begins. >> hello. we'll have you out in a minute. >> reporter: mission accomplished, but they won't get to rest for long. >> this is pretty brutal out here and we've already seen the last couple days our call volume up over 500 calls a day which is about that 25 to 30%. >> reporter: fires won't take a hiatus either. most of us can't even imagine fighting a fire wearing the gear and heavy equipment in this heat. >> hello? >> in the elevator. >> where you can be out here right now where it's 100 degrees. add another maybe 60 to another 100 degrees to that because you have this gear on and you're going into a hot element. so it's kind of hard to explain because it's like being in the oven like you stick your hand in the oven with a mitt on. well, take that mitt off and then stick your hand in.
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it gets pretty -- it wears the guys out real fast. >> reporter: temperatures expected to climb the next few days, things could get even worse. the firefighters expect to get more calls from folks with chronic medical conditions. three days in if they've not been hydrating and taking care of themselves, they could be ready for a trip to the hospital. >> i can't imagine what it's like for them. they're used to doing, this but i'm guessing sometimes they get overcome by the heat. what do they do? >> reporter: i'm told they take what's called a rehab unit to the fire sites. it includes a couple pieces of new equipment, a cool misting machine to try to cool them down and a cooling chair to get them off their feet and try to get their body temperatures down quickly. so there are some things being done to try and help them because it is really, really hot. >> and that sounds like good advice. i wish we had a mister with us right now. thank you. if you are lucky, you are inside in the air conditioning
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tonight. audrey barnes joins me. you've been out. you had people that were having problems with their ac units tonight. >> i think it's a perfect example of murphy's law. everything is fine until the heatwave. air conditioning crews are telling me they have more calls than they can hand. >> i noticed the temperature started to rise and the term stat was near 80. so i knew i had a problem and i wasn't getting air coming out of the vents. >> reporter: paul's small repairs service calls have skyrocketed just like the temperatures. 12 technicians like drew mckillop are handling more than 10 calls a day in this heatwave. >> this is a reduction in air flow. >> reporter: filters are not supposed to look like this. like many homeowners it appears there's been some deferred maintenance here. mckill lops' best advice? >> they should keep up on their filters and have it checked regularly to make sure everything is up to, you know,
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maximum operation. >> reporter: a thorough cleaning will get the air flowing again at the wilkersons, but it's going to cost him. at least wilkerson can rest easily knowing his family will weather this heatwave in the cool. >> reporter: tell you what, good business to be in now, but here's my question. what if you just want routine maintenance to make sure your air conditioning is cranking okay right now? >> reporter: good luck with that. i called a bunch of different service companies. they said top priority is people who don't have any air conditioning and in two emergencies, they had one call for a hospice. obviously they need to go out there right away and fix their air conditioner. routine maintenance probably has to wait until the heatwave breaks sometime next week. >> reporter: we will be understanding of that. thank you. in the meantime we are not the only ones dealing with extreme heat. nearly 2/3 of the country is in the grips of this unbearable temperature hike. the so-called heat dome is pushing temps in most states to record highs. the one major concern tonight,
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utilities. new york's conn edison is warning customers to expect outages as the temperatures get even higher. the weather service posted a warning on its website saying do not take this threat lightly. fox 5 is always on with everything you need to know to beat the heat. you can go to our website click on the heatwave link there in the hot topics bar. of course, as we've been reporting, the best place to be now is inside in the air conditioner. let's send it back inside to the ac to laura with the right idea. >> see you in a second. there is a lot more we are tracking tonight on fox 5. it's just what nfl fans have been waiting for for months. lockout could finally be over, but it's coming with a big disappointment. we'll explain. plus we are monitoring metro tonight. find out what the agency is doing to keep your ride cool in this extreme heat and in just minutes i'm one on one with transportation secretary ray lahood. everyone is talking about the debt ceiling, but in just 24 hours the faa could be facing a
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shutdown with a furlough of 4,000 workers, what it means for travel across the country. we'll be back. 
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new developments tonight in the nfl lockout. one side approved the deal. the other side is still talking about it. sports director dave feldman is in the newsroom. so, feldy, what is the holddown? >> we don't know specifics, but there is a holdup. nfl owners voted overwhelmingly in favor of a tentative 10 year agreement to end the lockout. that's the good news. here's the bad news. it's pending player approval. that won't happen tonight. nflpa head says it puts the onus on the players to make a decision to agree. it paints us in a corner with the fans. according to the owners' proposal, team facilities would open on saturday and a new league year would begin wednesday and that's when free agency would open up, but this is all predicated on players voting to reapprove and reestablishing their union. according to sources, the
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players did not vote tonight, but the owners and the commissioner are talking like it's a foregone conclusion. >> i think we've crafted a long term agreement that can be good for the game of football, be good for the players, good for the clubs and mostly importantly good for our game. >> i think it's a win/win for both sides and from my personal perspective i'm just anxious to get playing football. so it's a win/win and it's time for the next season. >> but again it's not a done deal. redskins player rep on twitter tonight. look, guys, i have no reason to lie. the truth of the matter is we got tricked, duped, led astray, and bamboozled and i'm sorry, you did, too. the latest the players can vote on this proposed deal is tuesday, july 26th because the league calendar is set to start the next day on wednesday. also the league canceled the hall of fame game set for
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august 7th between the bears and the rams. hall of fame induction ceremonies will still happen. chris hamburger is getting in. >> feldy, at this point when can the players report to work and when will training camp open? >> two good questions. we don't know the answer. the skins were scheduled to open camp a week from today, still don't know if that deadline will be met and the players have to agree and they have to come up with something before they'll be allowed back at the park. so we're still waiting. >> sounds like we may be waiting, too, thank you. you heard feldy say the players have yet to sign on the dotted line, but we talked to one redskin who shared his thoughts with us. fox 5's bob barnard sat down with chris cooley tonight. >> reporter: >> to be honest with you, i thought today was the day the deal was going to be completely done. i figured i would go in tomorrow and see everybody i haven't seen forever and plan on getting back to work as soon
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as possible. i think that's inevitable and in the near future, but like i expected tonight. that's probably not going to be that. >> reporter: do you know what's going on? >> you know what? i wasn't part of the conference call with the players don't. i don't know exactly how that vote will go down or what is going to be said exactly. i'll find out tomorrow from a couple of my friends, but it's interesting. i think guys are just trying to make sure everything is exactly right. it's such a big deal and over such a long period of time that i think the players just want to make sure it's right for us and right for us in the future. >> reporter: is there a sticking point that you're aware of because, you know, goodell and dean smith spoke for hours today and the owners come out and say we have a deal? >> well, there's a lot of things the players have talked about we want over the next few years. i think there's a few sticking points and a few close calls. there hasn't been a meeting of all the players in terms of
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getting a vote and having to address your full team as a player rep and what your team wants are and what the entire league wants. so we'll see. i mean obviously we'll find out early tomorrow if we don't find out tone, but in terms of myself -- tonight, but in terms of myself i turn on espn and i watch the news every morning and wonder when i'm going to go back to work. so i haven't been a huge part of it. >> reporter: what do you say to the fans tonight who are saying we thought at 7:00 there was a deal. here it's 10:00 and there is none? >> the one thing i would tell anyone is it's not a big deal if we miss two or three days of training camp. it's not a big deal if it pushes into even a week. the big deal is that we get it right with the players and the owners so it's a long term deal that we don't have to worry about that this for an extended period of time. i can't in any way shape or
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form see us missing football. i've spent so much time talking to people about what they would do if didn't have a football season and in my world, i can't fathom that and that's a pretty honest answer. i feel like it will get done in time for to us play real season games. >> we are just getting into our newsroom the players have just ended a conference call without voting on a deal. so this is still up in the air, but as you can imagine, football fans are ecstatic about the news there's even been some steps made in this progress. we did talk to some of them tonight in bethesda. here's what they had to say. >> i do believe let's get on with it because they're all making money. we might as well just have a good season and have fun. >> i don't think many people care that much about the hall of fame game. the owners got to realize it takes money to make money. everybody has to get their fantasy football teams going, so the lockout has to end soon. >> i'm so excited. i just became a redskins fan about a year ago and i've never been to a game and i was always
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planning on going and when i heard it might be a lockout, i was devastated. i didn't know what i was going to do. >> my biggest concern was sundays. sundays would be completely different without it, but now that hopefully everything will go through and we'll get back in fantasy football and everything will get rolling. >> do want to reiterate the nfl players have ended a conference call without voting on the owners proposed labor deal. so we'll continue to follow this. if anything new develops tonight, we'll bring it to you. we want to know what you think about the lockout possibly coming to an end. we invite you to go to and click on our facebook page to leave your comments there. fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight and how it's dealing with this extreme heat. in fact, some railcars are having trouble staying cool in all this heat. fox 5's sherri ly has been covering the story. what is metro doing to beat the heat? >> metro is beefing up staff along the rail lines to try and deal with these heat-heated
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problems. one, you've got railcar -- heat- related problems. one, you've got railcars that aren't working and two, you've got an issue where the tracks can get kinks in there. just last week there were major delays going into rush hour because of a heat-related kink in the track. today employees are looking for similar issues and also looking for hot cars. >> there are some problem cars out there in the very, very small percentage. there are a handful of them that we know are chronic losers basically when it comes to hot cars and we're working on those cars specifically. >> in recent years metro has had its share of safety issues. the mta recently gave metro some recommendations. how is metro doing with those. >> a lot of recommendations came down from that redline train crash two years ago, but there's a number of ones that predate that. today metro's general manager richard sarles who has been on the job now six months talked about the progress on some of
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those recommendations. right now they have 27 open ntsb recommendations since the redline train crash and also prior to it and eight of those are considered unacceptable conditions by metro such as replacing the 1,000 series railcars which are subject to catastrophic failure in some sort of head-on crash like what happened two years ago. they're also having to look at the automatic train control system, which is one of the big components that failed in that crash. it's going to take time to evaluate that, to develop a new system and also to create a backup. so some of these repairs or recommendations are going to take years to fix. >> all right. we will stay on top of it and continue to monitor metro. thank you. developing news from washington where another budget problem could impact airports across the country. congress still has not reauthorized the federal aviation administration bill. if congress fails to act by midnight tomorrow, the
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government will lose $200 million a week in airline ticket passes and airport construction projects will come to a screeching halt. while air traffic controllers will remain on the job, some 4,000 workers will be furloughed. joining us now to talk about this looming deadline and its potential impact is transportation secretary ray lahood. thank you for being with us tonight. appreciate it. what is the potential impact if this bill is not authorized? >> well, all the construction projects that are currently going on, some of which are going on here in this metro area, will be suspended. 4,000 people will be furloughed. 1,000 of those people are here in the washington d.c. regional area and what i've said to congress is we have the best aviation system in the world. this is not the way to run it. congress needs to pass a bill. >> what about security, too, first and foremost? that's got to be on a lot of passengers' minds? will this affect security? >> there will be no compromise
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in security or people's ability to travel. faa controllers will be in the towers. planes will be flying. security will be as it always is, very secure. >> is this the result of congress being so enveloped right now in the debt ceiling debate or is there something deeper here? >> i think it's a matter of congress really coming together as they have done on 20 other occasions. we're in our 20th extension. we're asking for the 21st so that we can continue to operate the best aviation system in the world and the people that are really hurt the most by this are construction workers where they have -- we have the highest unemployment in construction industry now. these projects will be shut down. construction workers all over the country will be suspended from their jobs. good hard working federal employees that work for the faa, 4,000 will be suspended around the country. 1,000 here and we're going to
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lose some of the tax dollars that are collected when you buy a ticket. >> i got to ask you about some comments today made by the secretary of department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano about how terrorists are still focusing more on our airline industry, targeting our airline industry for terrorism acts than anything else. we're closing in on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. are we safer today than we were back then? >> absolutely. and the proof of it is that our planes have never been brought down in the last 10 years by terrorists. tsa does a great job. homeland security does a great job. flying is very safe. proof of that is in 10 years no airplanes have been brought down by terrorists. >> yet we still have so many frustrated passengers who feel like they're being taken advantage of by the scanners that you go through when you can see the body and just the difficulties in flying today. is that going to be ironed out
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a little more? >> i think people are willing to compromise a little bit on that kind of comfort level that they've had for the fact that they know when they board a plane, it will be safe. they'll get to where they're going in a safe way and we proved that over the last 10 years. so people are willing to compromise a little bit on that i think. >> can't let you go without talking about the metro dulles project and i know an agreement was reached yesterday. you brokered that deal on an above ground station, but there's still some up certainty about funding. is there a potential for this project to be in jeopardy? >> absolutely not. we've had a number of meetings in our offices at d.o.t. and all of the stakeholders have come together. everybody set aside their own agenda and their own egos, in many instances their own proposals and come together around the idea. this is one of the most important projects for this region, transportation projects and for the country, and i
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think everyone recognized that and was willing to give a little bit, compromise. we have a good funding proposal that will make sure that project is finished on time and on budget. >> okay. transportation secretary ray lahood, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. two new bombshells in the ever growing phone hacking scandal. rupert murdoch's son is being called a liar, plus find out what one person says police did for those tabloid journalists. we'll be right back. 
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new allegations tonight in the news of the world phone hacking scandal. a former news international legal manager and a former news of the world editor are contradicting testimony made by james murdoch. earlier this week you'll remember murdoch told parliament he believed the spying scandal uncovered years ago was the work of a single rogue reporter, but two executives say they had told murdoch about an a e-mail that
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also pointed fingers at other journalists. meanwhile scotland yard is investigating new claims that journalists bribed police officers to locate people by tracking their cell phone signals. that claim was made by former news of the world reporter shawn horr who was found dead in his home this week. police say his death is not suspicious. more trouble tonight for john edwards stemming from his last presidential campaign. the former north carolina senator has been ordered to pay back millions in federal am the federal election commission says ed -- funds. the federal election commission says edwards received $2 million in matching campaign funds he wasn't entitled to. the federal auditor said his expenses were overstated. edwards' attorneys say the democrats campaign does not owe anything. the nation's debt debate continues. a live look at the capitol tonight where a deal to raise the debt ceiling is being worked on right now and today a big step forward. we'll break it down for you coming up next.
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white house officials hit the hill today in a last minute push to get a debt ceiling deal hammered out, the president pushing for a balanced solution, but there's still no deal tonight. fox's jessica stone has the latest developments. >> reporter: the white house beating back rumors of a big deal less than 24 hours before the obama administration's desired deadline. congress needs at least a week to make any agreement into law by august 2nd. >> there's no progress to report. we continue to work on getting the most significant deficit reduction package. >> reporter: such a package says the spokesman jay carney would require raising revenues and the effort would have to begin in the house, but house leadership today deciding not to call members into session over the weekend leaving any votes on revenue till next week. >> i think it's just untoward and that's the kindest word i can say. >> with all that's at stake right now it's not enough to
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wish or to wait for a solution. to materialize. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner saying the house has already passed cut, cap and balance, a gop proposal to raise the debt limit but cut current spending, cap future spending and pass a balanced budgets amendment to the constitution. the senate plans to vote on the measure saturday. democrats say it's dead on arrival, but republicans contend it's the only draft legislation on the table. >> they call this plan cut, cap and balance. they should have called it cut, cap and kill medicare. >> without structural change our country is going to become great. >> reporter: meantime the standard & poor's credit rating agency was on the hill today. in recent days both s&p and moody's have threatened to downgrade the u.s. credit rating if congress can't reach a deal to reduce the deficit. jessica stone, fox news. major garrett congressional
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correspondent for the national journal is here to help us break down what did or did not happen today on the hill. 12 days out, still no deal. where do things stand tonight? >> there was talk today about a potential $3 trillion deal over 10 years between the president and house republicans. that's still just theory and senate democrats and house democrats met with the president late this afternoon to tell the president that they simply can't support a deal that is based entirely on spending cuts over 10 years and no new tax revenue. the first initial reports about this potential deal came from senate democrats who were hoping that the publicity about this would kill it prematurely because they can't support this. house democrats feel similarly. the president is in a bind with his own party. this does not appear to be a viable option, maybe in theory, but in reality it looks very prop mattic in the house and senate. >> we've heard -- problematic in the house and senate. >> we've heard so many different options. are any of them viable?
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>> at this point and i don't want to alarm the audience, but the comfort is everyone says we aren't going to default. the discomfort factor is this. i don't know of a single bill even mentally theorized let alone written down on paper that can get 218 votes in the house and 60 votes in the senate. until the american people start seeing a real bill they can read on the internet and people start considering, they should not feel comfortable about this situation because it is extremely unstable. >> that doesn't make any of us feel good. let me ask you, another player emerged today, a nonpolitician by the name of norqist. why is his taxpayer protection pledge so important? >> it's something every house republican and almost all house republicans have signed. only six have not signed this pledge and 40 of the 47 senate republicans have and what it says it i promise to vote against any net increase in taxes, period.
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there is this -- by signing this pledge house republicans feel they are now duty bound to oppose any tax increases in the context of raising the debt ceiling or reducing the deficit. that's why you see this hardline. now earlier today there was a sentiment that maybe grover was softening this position. i interviewed him late this afternoon. he said there's no softening on this. if you get rid of the bush tax cuts, for example, that's a tax increase. republicans will break the pledge. even before grover norquist talked to me or anyone else john boehner said i'm not raising taxes, neither is anyone else. that position hasn't changed, no movement, which means gridlock continues. >> we're still right here at squash. thanks for coming in and giving us your prospect -- square one. thanks for coming in and giving is your perspective. think you're hot out there? try slopping on a civil war reenactment costume made of wool and we're also marking the end of an era with nasa.
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stay with us. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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a bittersweet end to the final flight of nasa's space shuttle program. atlantis landed at kennedy space center this morning. shuttle commander christopher ferguson's words to commission control during his final minutes on board atlantis were a fitting end to the mission. >> space shuttle, it's changed the way we view our world and universe. one thing is indisputable. america is not going to stop exploring. thank you, columbia, challenger, discovery endeavour and our ship atlantis. thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to such a
10:44 pm
fitting end. >> today's landing is 50 years to the day that gus grissom became the second american in space. new tonight on the news edge at 11:00 if you're hot, imagine how bad it is out there for your pets. not everyone is thinking about their four-legged friends. what we found when we went on patrol with the animal control. plus emerging threat to the u.s., you might be surprised to hear how often it's popping up within our borders. the news edge is up in 18 minutes. 
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we are following breaking news right now out of the district. d.c. police were involved in a shooting a short time ago. it happened on 13th street near georgia and missouri avenues in northwest. investigators tell fox 5 officers confronted a man with a gun. they ordered him to drop the weapon and when he refused, police shot him. there is no word at this point on the man's condition. we have a crew on the way to the sceneful we'll have an update for you -- scene. we'll have an update for you on the news edge at 11:00. it has been 150 years since
10:48 pm
the first major battle of the civil war. today nearly 1,000 people braved the extreme heat to commemorate the battle of manassas. fox 5's karen gray houston was there for a special reenactment. >> ready, aim, fire! >> reporter: there was gunfire from civil war era weapons with bayonets as marine volunteers from quantico dressed in union union forms. the union and confederate soldiers had to stop and reload, so back then they made themselves targets and they weren't always dressed exactly alike which caused even more confusion. >> the rules hadn't quite been set yet that all the union troops were going to wear blue and all the confederate troops were going to wear gray. >> reporter: tourists fascinated by civil war history braved the heat to get history lessons under the watchful eye of prince william county firefighters and paramedics. this young man from florida brought his umbrella. what do you know about the civil war? >> it was brutal, a lot of people died.
10:49 pm
>> reporter: during formal ceremonies even virginia's governor had to acknowledge it was warm. >> you look great and hot out there. >> reporter: among the sesquicentennial event walk- through of the battlefield including the tent campground set up to show how soldiers lived and slept. >> it was sleep in the country really. >> reporter: over on the other side of town outside the old manassas courthouse bands commemorated the 1911 jubilee of peace where civil war soldiers and the country's leaders turned out to celebrate the peace. >> it's the first time in recorded history that former enemies met on their battlefields to shand they called it a peace jubilee. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> we did speak with the manassas health department earlier today. they said there were no health problems in the crowd because of the heat. >> i'll tell you why. they had to be sweltering out
10:50 pm
there. they were in wool uniforms. >> it was pretty close to 100 today for the high in manassas. >> unbelievable and to be out there that many hours. >> some of them are sleeping out there tonight in tents. >> they won't need a blanket. the atmosphere will provide that. we talked about the dew point earlier. it's 81 degrees right now. >> oh, my good,ness. >> i don't remember one higher. maybe it's when something tropical passed by, but the humidity is what it's all about. tomorrow will be the worst of it and the humidity possibly combined with the temperature to make a heat index of 120 in a worst case scenario. you take a lot of breaks from that and you don't overexert yourself. feldy was telling me he really felt the heat today from a round of golf today and wasn't expecting that, but he showed up for work anyway and we're glad. tonight it's hazy. today we didn't break a record, but 99 degrees, wow, we are hot.
10:51 pm
dulles and bwi both hit 100. we think we'll be around 102 degrees tomorrow which will challenge some records, still 89 degrees at this hour. that is our average daytime high for this, the hottest part of july. 87 annapolis, 82 leonardtown, culpeper 81 degrees but it's a hot night and again as we've been saying all along, what we factor in that humidity it feels like 108 degrees, 102 in fredericksburg, manassas and it feels like 92 degrees for those folks sleeping in tents and in western maryland, cumberland still feels like 100 degrees. this is what we get our heads around at 10:00 at night. that massive heat dome right on top of us tomorrow. so tomorrow definitely the hottest in the series of those days, which is why we think we'll get up to about 102 degrees air temperature, but what we want you to prepare for is the heat index possibly feeling as high as 120. certainly 115 to 120, quite
10:52 pm
likely for many areas. now the heat warning has been expanded a little bit in addition to going through the day saturday. it kicks in at 10:00 in the morning till 10:00 at night to cover all these really hot areas. here are the heat warnings across the country, just south of chicago and through the midwest to the mid-atlantic, wanted you to see how hot it's going to be in the i-95 corridor tomorrow as we peak out here locally with our temperature in d.c. we're going for 102 degrees, but closer to philadelphia, even up to manhattan and boston, 102 for d.c., 100 for philadelphia. we think manhattan and boston up to 99 degrees. 99 for boston, so everybody is kind of on the look, but we too see a little bit of relief. how about that? saturday is another hot one at 100. we may take a little of the extreme sizzle out of the air sunday and there could be a spotty thunderstorm here and there saturday into sunday. a weak front may approach sunday and if it does, we may get a little break, monday 92
10:53 pm
degrees and if i take it out another day, we'd actually have some upper 80s which you'll see on the five-day forecast, but this is hot stuff, no doubt about it. as this heat kind of pushes more to the west, what we call retrograding, it will allow a little relief sunday and more wholesale relief or back to average at least by tuesday. slightly cooler sunday is about the best we can do at this point. we'll keep our financings crossed, but overnight it looks like we'll stay around -- fingers crossed, but overnight it looks like we'll stay around 88 in the district, 706 leonardtown. mid-70s -- 76 leonardtown. mid-70s in the suburbs and a code red air quality day today. 102 feeling as high as 115 to maybe even 120. here we go through the five-day forecast. check out the last day of the five-day, 89 degrees. it will feel like you need to put on layers after what we've wednesday through. we get through the hottest stuff, some people are
10:54 pm
comparing this to the big heatwave in 1995 which you may remember was very deadly in chicago. 750 people died as a result of heat. we're hoping we won't repeat that and at least it's moved out of chicago, but it's not oh for them as this pushes back -- over for them as this pushes back to the west. more in the news edge on our tropics and beach forecast. >> we'll be right back. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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when the country calls, they delivered. we are not talking about the men who fought in world war ii. we are talking about the women, the rosie the riveter crowd. fox 5 beth parker spoke with them today. ♪ all the day long whether rain or shine she's a part of this assembly line. ♪ she's making history working
10:58 pm
for victory rosie the riveter ♪ >> reporter: as rosie the riveter, that song makes wilma foster still smile but 70 years later she also remembers how scary that time was, president roosevelt's radio address clear in her mind. >> december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> reporter: foster was just out of high school when this photo was snapped. >> i was trained to be a driller. you drilled the holes and working on the wing at that time. >> reporter: she really did rivet making the pt19 airplane. you must be proud when you look at those pictures. >> oh, yeah, beautiful. >> reporter: she said the drills were heavy. >> it was really very dusty and gritty. within but she enjoyed the work, especially being allowed to wear slacks. >> you got to look around to find somebody with a skirt on. >> reporter: betty consider
10:59 pm
sell worked in a howard county fab -- durcell worked in a howard county fabric mill before the war before they made only military uniforms. >> if it hadn't been for gladys and the fabric, they would have had to go to war in their shorts, wouldn't they? >> they would really. cut that off. >> reporter: they joke but admit as soon as the war ended fob talks about the contributions women -- nobody talks about the contributions women made. >> we didn't talk about it. it seemed like all of a sudden the whole thing was just dropped. >> reporter: but the ladies want to make sure people are talking about it and that's why right here in laurel they started their own chapter of the american rosie the riveter association. >> we were history. it's really history. >> reporter: they've already attended some national conventions. >> i guess it's something that we'll always -- that will always be with me. >> reporter: they're still working. now the job is telling their story. in laurel beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you happen to ow


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